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  • What are fire safety signs for?

    11 May 2018 | BY Rebecca Hobbis

    All buildings used for commercial purposes must have fire safety signs. Many employees take these signs for granted and rarely stop to consider what safety signs are for. They can save lives.


    The first reason for fire safety signs is to prevent fires starting in the first place. They warn of fire hazards and inflammable materials that need careful handling.


    If a fire breaks out, workers and any member of the public on the premises need to vacate the building quickly. Signs direct people to the nearest fire exit and illuminated signs clearly mark fire exit doors.


    Other safety signs provide information. For example, some tell people to keep fire doors closed. Fire extinguishers have label signs with instructions on how to use them. Signs on lifts warn people not to use them in the event of a fire.


    Fire action stickers tell people what to do in case of fire. They tell people where to assemble after evacuating the building. Though workers may have had many fire drills, visitors of members of the public need directions to fire exits.


    Fire signs are colour coded. Fire exit signs are green, and fire safety signs are blue. Red signs locate fire equipment or have prohibited actions such as not smoking or warn of fire hazards.


    The problem with safety signs is that they can become too familiar, with workers not really noticing them after a while. This is why it is important to regularly train staff to take notice of fire safety signs and what they are there for.