Mezzanine Floor


DSP Mezzanine Floors is a quick & easy way of utilising the available height of a building by doubling or even tripling the available floor space. Installed quickly & cost effectively, a mezzanine floor can prove to be a rational alternative to relocating your business or expanding your premises.

Mezzanine Floors are typically designed as freestanding platforms & compromise cold rolled galvanised secondary floor beams bolted into the main universal beams, in turn supported by rolled hollow section steel columns. This structure is topped with a tough 38mm thick tongue & grove particle board, although we can provide alternatives if required.   


Storage Purposes

Installing a mezzanine floor is an ideal way to solve any storage issue that your company might have. Shelving & racking can be installed on the storage level, or it can just provide a new storage platform for palletised goods.

Office Accommodation

By utilising the available headroom in your premises with a mezzanine floor, additional office space can quickly be created this is relatively cost effective solution, allowing a business to increase its headcount - under the same roof!

Retail Sales Space

A mezzanine floor can be used to increase retail floor space. our floors fit seamlessly into a retail space, and we have a huge selection of high quality decking, staircases & handrail options to choose from.

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