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    Are Rack Inspections a legal requirement?

    HSE’s pallet racking inspection requirements can be quite confusing HSE’s Primary Guide to Warehouse Safety.

    HSE recommend Racking inspection extremely important. The word “recommend” can sometimes lead to confusion, however, and this is problematic as it is a word used throughout the guide.

    So are Rack Inspections a legal requirement? In a word NO – however, in not having an annual racking inspection, employers and warehouse owners go against HSE’s advice. This means that if an accident related to racking were to happen, they would be both legally and morally responsible. In not having a SEMA approved racking inspection, a person could argue that the warehouse owner did not ensure their safety “so far as is reasonably practicable”. Also it would be advisable to check your insurance to see if this is a requirement in the small print.

    HSE, SEMA, and ourselves at Designed Storage & Partitions all recommend a SEMA approved racking inspection at least once a year.


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