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  • How can 24/7 warehouses fit cleaning around their operations?

    08 Aug 2017 | BY Rebecca Hobbis

    How can 24/7 warehouses fit cleaning around their operations?

    Many warehouses operate all through the day and night, but what does this mean for cleaning? It’s important to keep the premises clean and tidy, but constant operation presents a challenge.

    In a busy warehouse, it’s not uncommon for there to be spills and large amounts of dust. The cleaning of warehouse shelving and floors often requires a pre-sweep followed by a thorough clean, but innovative new cleaning machines are able to complete both processes in one machine. This means the area cleaned can be dry and slip-free very quickly, minimising disruption to the operation of the warehouse.

    Major manufacturers from the industry, such as Kärcher, are developing innovative pieces of cleaning equipment able to work high speed and with low operating costs, hence saving money and reducing the total cost of operating a warehouse.

    Cleaning machines are an integral part of keeping the warehouse clean and organised. Employees also need to be aware of cleaning requirements, placing any rubbish in designated bins or recycling areas.

    Individual employees can be given designated areas of the warehouse and made responsible for the cleanliness of the area, either by cleaning it themselves or instructing a cleaner when necessary. The employee also needs to be aware of stock that has been stored in cartons for a long time, as it will attract dust.

    An efficient and cost-effective warehouse needs to be kept clean and tidy. This improves health and safety, boosts productivity and reduces costs.